5 Cosplay blogs to follow

Cosplay and pop culture is becoming more popular around the world. People are checking cosplay blogs for guides and tutorials on how to recreate their favourite character. More people like to dress up as a superhero or anime character not only during Halloween but also during events like comiccons etc.

Of course, cosplay is more than just dressing up. Being able to recreate their character look is privilege and attracts lots of attention!

So if you are one of cos players seeking for guidance check the below list!


One of the leading cosplay product website!

They use a unique data business model that allows them to create and offer custom products like wigs and special costumes for unique needs on their own web store.

Check out the features on this blog and learn how to start with your cosplay hobby today.


This is a blog that focuses on guiding people with DIY projects. This blog focuses more on sewing and how to recreate costumes for characters based on popular TV shows. The format is unique because all of the posts are initiated with posts from individuals who read the blog. Then the blog owner will come in and provide answers to the questions and provide a step-by-step process on how to do it. This is a great blog that helps people who create costumes to learn how to design realistic costumes for various purposes. This blog would be great for anyone who is looking for information on how to start creating a costume design, as well as how to learn the technique needed to improve your craft.

I would highly recommend to check it out!


Some of the costumes on this website look almost identical to the famous tv shows and movies characters. This blog features some different types Of costume ideas that visitors can recognise as they have seen it on big screens.

It also has galleries of displays from previous comiccons and expos.

Check out the various examples of cosplay applications, tutorials, and patterns that you may find on this blog.


This blog focuses on beginners and helps them understand the process of creating original costumes. Mango has been in the costume play business for 12years and has developed quite few unique pieces of work. Check out this website if you are planning or just starting cosplayer journey.


If you are interested in Japanese culture this website is exactly for you!

Learn how the Japanese culture influences the arts including costume design and creative, imaginative play for both kids and adults.

Make sure you visit mentioned websites and learn what you need, however if you just need new cosplay for next event and have no time, visit our shop!

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