Inspired by the same name "Rescue" which was given to Pepper Potts when she gets her own unique suit of Iron Man armor at one point in the Marvel Comics series. The armor is a search and rescue unit, designed with unique properties like protective force fields.


Custom painting is also available

  • Basic Iron man suit is with eye lights, refined chest Arc reactor light and hands repulsor lights, mechanic faceplate and full body lights!


  • Size is customized, there is no standard size. Please advice your body measurements
  • Producing time:  6 weeks, however, due to the order volume, sometimes it will take 8-11 weeks.
  • Worldwide shipping around 1-2 weeks
  • Material: EVA foam body,
  •  3D printed helmet, automobile painting
  • 100% handmade
  • Full body armor set includes: helmet,shoulders,arms,gloves,chest&back,waist,thighs,legs,boots,bodysuit
  • 1:1 scale, adult size 
  • Accurately Detailed
  • The most accurate Iron Man Rescue armor available anywhere.
  • Bateries are not included


Please  note that after receiving your suit, there may be a little paint chipping on edge of the foam and some of the electronics may have been dislodged from their places. Despite our best efforts to pack and protect our items during the shipping process, slight damages sometimes cannot be avoided. Usually, it’s nothing a little hot glue can’t fix. You will most likely have to make some minor repairs yourself. But if you contact us, I can walk you through how to fix them with ease .

Iron Man Rescue Woman Armour (Pepper Potts inspired)

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