"The Scepter, occasionally referred to as Loki's Scepter, was a staff weapon that served as the original containment vessel for the Mind Stone, one of the six Infinity Stones. Gifted by Thanos, the staff was wielded by Loki to lead and command the Chitauri Invasion to Earth. After the Battle of New York, the Scepter was confiscated by HYDRA, whose scientists used it to give extraordinary powers to the twins Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. After the fall of HYDRA, the Scepter was recovered by the Avengers. Following HYDRA's defeat, the Scepter was retrieved by the Avengers who took it to Avengers Tower where Tony Stark experimented on it to complete the Ultron Program. The Scepter was taken and dismantled by Ultron after shattering its blue gem casing, which in the process revealed the Mind Stone inside."


ery detailed and high quality prop made of resin and painted with precission.


Material: Aluminium Metal

Dimensions:  115cm  

Weight: 4kg   


Shipping: Usually takes 5 - 10 working days to most countries


Fell free to ask any questions!


Loki Weapon Chitauri Sceptre


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